After Deadly Crash, Neighbors Hope for Safety Upgrades at Dangerous Oakdale Intersection

OAKDALE -- Neighbors near Highway 120 and Cleveland Avenue in Oakdale say a deadly crash Tuesday night is indicative of a major problem with the intersection.

"The neighbor to the right of me was hit two years ago and my buddy who lives less than a quarter mile from here was hit, I think, five years ago," Paul Rivera, who lives nearby, told FOX40.

The California Highway Patrol says 71-year-old Wanda Hendrickson was killed Tuesday night in a three-car crash. Hendrickson was rear-ended, investigators say, and forced into oncoming traffic.

"First thing that goes through your mind is, 'Lord, don't let it be one of my family members or one of my neighbors,'" Rivera said.

Many who spoke with FOX40 on and off camera say they know all too well how dangerous Highway 120 can be.

"If we still lived here, we'd be cautious but we have seen a lot of dangers," one neighbor said. "It's a dangerous little intersection."

Families say they feel more safety features should be constructed to avoid more tragedy.

"There's no need for anybody else to get injured," Rivera said.

Rivera says he thinks there needs to be a third lane.