Yuba City Woman With Terminal Illness Looks Forward to Checking Off Bucket List

YUBA CITY -- Breanna Trexler doesn't know how many days she has left.

"I'm still kind of coming to terms with it, I guess you could say, but I've just been fighting this fight for so long," Trexler told FOX40.

The 23-year-old from Yuba City has been in and out of the hospital countless times over the past five years, dealing with complications from digestive tract paralysis. Essentially, her stomach and small intestines move so slowly they can't digest her food.

"I was still losing weight, having a lot of abdominal pain with the feedings, nausea, vomiting," Trexler said.

After years trying different forms of feeding tubes she was placed on what's called a TPN.

"It's a form of nutrition that goes right into your bloodstream," she explained. "So this line that I have on my chest directly drops into my heart."

But that direct line of nutrition has caused a life-threatening blood infection called sepsis, sending Trexler to the hospital 10 times over the past two years. Each time her doctors have to replace her TPN.

Last month, during her most recent hospital stay, doctors told her they won't be able to replace it again.

"If they did have to take this out they wouldn't be able to put a new one in because all my main arteries and veins are scarred up and really weak and thinned out. And they just wouldn't be able to place it and for me, this is my lifeline, literally. So without it... " she said, shaking her head.

She said those words with a smile, even though she faces a terminal diagnosis.

Trexler's face really lights up when she's asked about Windows of Hope, an art project she started on Instagram. Using the medical supplies that help keep her alive, she spells out the word "hope" in custom art pieces and sends them to other people battling chronic illnesses across the country.

"I wanted to do something to kind of give a part of me to them, to my friends, you could say my online pals," Trexler said.

She puts other people's comfort over her own pain.

"She has a heart of gold. She really does," said Trexler's mother, Patti Mayo. "She wants people to enjoy their lives. She wants to help other people who are suffering with chronic illnesses."

That's why her family is making sure her final days will be some of her best ones by helping her cross off items on a bucket list.

"The top of my list is a hot air balloon ride," Trexler said.

Trexler has plans to fly high above Lake Tahoe in a hot air balloon this weekend and then have a luau with her family on the beach. She's determined to soak in every moment she has left.

But until her time runs out, her family is still holding out hope.

"Maybe there will be a miracle and if anyone is deserving, it's definitely my daughter," Mayo said.

People in the Yuba City community have started a GoFundMe account for Trexler and to help her family finish her bucket list, as well as pay for medical expenses.

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