Fair Oaks Vegetation Fire Along American River

FAIR OAKS — A vegetation fire has broken out along the American River in Fair Oaks in an area with difficult access for fire crews.

The fire near 3851 River Drive started Saturday evening. The cause is currently unknown.

A helicopter, Copter1, is being used to drop water on the fire as crews make their way down the difficult path. Fire engines along with a bulldozer are being coordinate to fight the blaze.

Metro Fire says that crews are making progress and the fire is moving at a slow rate. There is heavy smoke due to “dense fuel load.”

Just after 7 p.m. Metro Fire halted forward progressĀ at 30 acres. Crews will remain on scene to monitor flare-ups.

“Expect to continue to see and smell smoke in the area for the next several hours,” Metro Fire officials tweeted.