Elderly Couple Displaced By Fire That Began in Neighbor’s Shed and Spread to Their Home

SACRAMENTO -- A fire that left behind the burned shell of a shed, fence, home and marijuana plants broke out around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday on Claire Avenue.

Neighbors Roger Renslow and Victoria Marquez woke up to the sound of a loud noise that sounded like an explosion.

"It jumped the fence and caught the side of their house on fire. It just went all through the attic, burned the whole attic up and burned the whole attic out," Renslow said.

The source of that loud sound is unclear, but a Sacramento Fire Spokesperson said the noise may have been caused by electrical wiring catching fire.

Authorities also haven’t said what started the fire but they do know it began in a shed in the backyard of the Claire Avenue home and spread to a fence and vegetation including the marijuana plants and a palm tree that runs alongside their neighbor’s yard.

The fire then spread to the neighbor’s attic on Ada Lane.

As for the marijuana, firefighters found plants both in the yard where the fire started and in the neighboring home that burned.

Sacramento Police are investigating whether the marijuana was legal.

No one was injured, but an elderly couple who live at the Ada Lane home have been displaced.

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