A Tale of Two Cities and a Costco: Loomis, Rocklin Leaders At Odds Over New Location

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LOOMIS -- A new Costco in the works in Placer County lies right on the border of Loomis and Rocklin.

Costco can be an economic engine for any city that has one, which is why plans for a new location on the border between two cities can be complicated.

"It’s really a disingenuous design because the Rocklin taxpayers will foot the bill," said Rocklin's Vice Mayor Joe Patterson.

Patterson says the current plan would technically put the new Costco in the town of Loomis, which means big money in tax revenue for the town.

But according to an environmental impact report, about 80 percent of the traffic and the expensive road expansion projects that would have to be done for the new giant wholesale store would fall to Rocklin and it's taxpayers.

"We don’t want to subtract from our parks, our police and our fire to maintain a road for a development that’s not even in our city," Patterson told FOX40.

The new development sits right on the border. Traffic in the area travels from the Rocklin side and the highway.

So while Rocklin gets the burden, Loomis gets the store, a 152,000 square foot behemoth that sits on 17 1/2 acres.

It’s expected to create more than 200 jobs and generate more than a million dollars in tax revenue every year.

"We, as their neighbors, we root for them. I hope that they can see that the benefit for the region, for this Costco, and root for us as well," said the Vice Mayor of Loomis Tim Onderko.

Onderko says there’s room for negotiation. He believes Loomis and Rocklin can find a way to share the costs of road maintenance and repairs, and potentially share the store's tax revenue.

"We’ve heard their concerns and a lot of their concerns are valid," Onderko said. "I’m confident we’re gonna be able to get to a fair and balanced resolution."

For a project of this magnitude, these neighbors are striving to find Costco-sized cooperation.

There is another Costco also on the border of Rocklin but it's located in Roseville. In that situation, the two cities have agreed to share the costs to maintain the overpass on the highway and the main roads leading to the store.

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