Man’s Overdose Leads to Domino Effect of Arrests at Nevada County Home

NEVADA COUNTY -- Deputies in Nevada County were definitely at the right place at the right time Monday.

Nevada County Sheriff Lt. Sam Brown had to check his notes to keep track of all the arrests made at the same house.

"Ultimately had six people that went into custody," Brown said.

Neighbors in the area of Los Cedros Lane say a house there is infamous for its problems. A woman, who didn't want her face shown, says Monday afternoon she and her husband heard the commotion up the road.

"Two fire trucks came, the ambulance and then two Nevada County Sheriff's came up," she recalled.

"They had gone to this residence and a subject was on the ground, unconscious, and appeared to have overdosed on something," Brown said.

Deputies assisted fire and paramedics with the patient and then they waited to investigate further. That's when their first suspect, 50-year-old Thomas Weed, arrived.

"He said he was there to help the homeowner move," Brown said.

But deputies could tell Weed was intoxicated. They asked to search his car, which he said was OK, and deputies discovered drugs. Weed was arrested for possession of meth.

"At that point, they’re getting ready to take him to jail and as they’re getting ready to drive off, they run into another three subjects who pull up," Brown told FOX40.

The driver was 36-year-old Joseph Brock, a convicted felon. Brock immediately pulled out a knife and tried to hide it from deputies. But that action actually made deputies question everyone in the vehicle and gave them just cause to search it.

Inside, Brown says, was a firearm and ammunition.

Brock was arrested for being an ex-felon with a firearm. One of his passengers, 24-year-old Terry Harkin, was also arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

As deputies were taking them away yet another car pulled up. Again, the driver appeared to be on drugs.

"They located drug paraphernalia in the car as well," Brown said. "So he went to jail after that whole ordeal."

While leaving, deputies then saw the man who lives at the house, 40-year-old Richard Odell, and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Sadie Boman. Inside the house deputies discovered a butane honey oil lab.

"They run him through a bunch of tests and ultimately they arrest him for being under the influence," Brown said.

Boman was also searched and found to have drugs on her.

Neighbors hope with all of the arrests the problems with the house will vanish.

The sheriff’s office says it’s not clear if the man who originally overdosed will be charged or not, but they are certainly going to be asking him some questions.

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