Modesto Police Track Down Carjacking Suspects Using App

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MODESTO -- A picture taken by a witness shows South Second Avenue and East H Street in Oakdale flooded with patrol cars Wednesday.

It was a commotion a witness described as a controlled showdown. The witness, who asked to remain anonymous, says around 6 a.m. she heard a speeding SUV followed by an officer on a bullhorn.

"And he said, 'All citizens go into your houses and lock your doors and stay inside,'" she recalled. "'We have a dog,' and he said, 'He will bite you.'"

She says she saw at least two males who appeared to be teenagers getting arrested then two more also in handcuffs. It was the end of what the Modesto Police Department called a carjacking.

A 30-minute drive away in Modesto's Davis High School neighborhood, witness Vincent Gonzalez said he spoke to the man whose GMC SUV was stolen by the suspects.

Gonzalez says the man was getting ready to play golf and drinking coffee when four robbers approached.

The owner, who spoke to FOX40 off camera, says with a gun in his face he was frightened but he did what he had to do.

"So he called the Modesto Police Department and they give him the cell phone number," Gonzalez told FOX40.

Gonzalez says the robbers not only stole the SUV they also stole a smartphone, which could be tracked with an app.

"Then I hear sirens coming from everywhere. From here, here, here… I mean from everywhere," the female witness said.

The woman says it wasn’t long before authorities caught the carjackers. She says she congratulated the officers for a job well done.

The owner of the SUV got the car back. He also wanted to let police know that they did a wonderful job and they solved the issue quickly.

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