12-Year-Old Tracy-Native and National Boxing Champion Takes Home Gold Again

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TRACY -- One of the top amateur boxers in the country trains in San Joaquin County.

Keith Jordan Jr. is an 11-time national champion -- all before his 13th birthday.

Keith, also known as "Mighty Lion," is currently the number one ranked 65-pound Bantam Fighter in the country. He can add another medal to his collection after winning the USA Boxing Junior Olympics in West Virginia.

"It feels good just to have it but when they raise your hand it feels even better,“ Keith said.

The top-notch tyke is trained by his father Keith Jordan, who began training his son at 6 years old.

"Once my son came he was going to be a junior and I was gonna train him, and it just came out amazing. And we are still going up but we are taking it one day at a time, one round at a time," Jordan said.

Being an 11-time champion does not just mean getting out of bed and into a fight. There is a lot of work that goes into it, inside the ring and out.

"He gets up at 4:30 a.m., he does his strength and conditioning, does his full day at school, does his homework, then he comes to the gym," Jordan explained.

It's the work the Mighty Lion says he puts in that allows him to come home with the belts.

"You have to have good stamina, good strength," Keith said.

Of course, with any contact sport, there are risks, like concessions or chronic traumatic encephalopathy. But, Jordan says it's better to teach children the right way to box at an early age.

"Your head is like an uncut diamond. I want you to protect it, I don’t want you dropping your hands. I mean he's got movement, he slips punches," Jordan said.

Lt. Tony Matuska with the Tracy Police Department says the gym where Keith trains at is about connecting with the neighborhood.

"Getting cops and kids together in a positive environment. Our goal is that it sets kids up for a positive life," Matuska said.

Keith is confident yet humble. He knows he can have a bright future in boxing but he isn’t limiting his skills to four corners.

"I want to go to the Olympics two times and after that I'll be a pilot,“ Keith said.

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