Mayor Tubbs Sees a Thriving Workforce in Stockton’s Future

STOCKTON -- Mayor Michael Tubbs says he is working to create a city where there are more higher wage jobs, a workforce that’s trained to take on those tasks and a city that welcomes new businesses.

He says he envisions Stockton as a place where families can grow and thrive financially and now he has a plan to make that happen.

"I want Stockton to be a place where 50,000 people don’t have to commute three hours both ways to have a job," Tubbs told FOX40. "I also want Stockton to be a place where companies know they can locate."

Mayor Tubbs released a year-long report called "Stockton Workforce Development Action Plan: The Need For Transformation."

See the report in full at the bottom of the story.

"JP Morgan Chase, I was able to convince them to partner with me and pay for this study and in terms of their work, all the partners are committing to using staff time to come together," Tubbs said.

Tubbs says the newly formed task force will research ways to train the city's workforce and create more high wage jobs.

Now about 52 percent of Stockton jobs pay minimum wage, according to the mayor.

"Whether it’s poverty, or educational attainment, or violence and crime, a lot of it stems from economic reasons," Tubbs said.

The mayor says at least 500 job opportunities are already heading to the city by the end of the year.

"When we came to Stockton it was just phenomenal energy around making a difference," said Robert Tibbs.

Tibbs is the founder of ConSol USA. His goal is to become a Fortune 1000 company in 10 years.

"A national business that’s focused on technology outsourcing and solutions serving companies here in the U.S. principally," Tibbs said.

Tibbs was looking to build ConSol's global headquarters in cities such as Chicago and Honolulu but he found Stockton has the promise to progress.

"So I love the word anomaly. This would be an anomaly and I think it would be… there isn’t a more perfect place to prove the point. So let’s prove the point," Tibbs said.

Tubbs and the newly created task force will meet quarterly and discuss ways to improve the job market.

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