A War Vet Died Unexpectedly. Now, His Family Seeks Help Paying for Funeral

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MODESTO -- John Hash went to war from 1968-1970. He was honorably discharged. Sadly, his family thinks he died from heart failure while at dinner with his wife on Wednesday.

He did a lot for the country; now his family needs help to give him a proper burial.

One word to describe Vietnam war veteran John Hash, selfless.

“He ended up carrying one of his buddies out,” said Hash’s son, Nicholas who has the same last name.

For his heroic action in the battle of Hamburger Hill, the Modesto man was awarded the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

“It was only a couple guys that made it out of that battle,” stated Nicholas.

Hash survived the war, but it was something else that took his life.

Family says he suffered heart failure while eating dinner with his wife, Patricia Hash, in a Modesto restaurant Wednesday night.

“That last picture of him… very difficult,” expressed Patricia.

The sudden loss rocked this tight knit family.

“It's been really tough no one expected it, he didn't expect it, he didn't plan for it,” Nicholas said.

Hash had so much life left to live. The 69-year-old loved music, had five kids, nine grandkids and a wife of 39 years.

“We just enjoyed each other and loved each other and every night we'd say I love you,” Patricia said.

Being selfless didn't just stop at war.

“He would think about me before he'd think about himself that's just who he was,” Patricia stated.

Hash's last gesture to his wife was taking her on a date to her favorite restaurant, a place he didn't like much himself.

“He just pulled in there. He said, ‘do you want some dinner? Let’s spend some time together’,” said Patricia.

Patricia Hash didn't know then that would be their last time together. Now, as the family plans his funeral, they hope to give him the burial he deserves.

“He sacrificed his whole life, he lived with PTSD. I was hoping we could get something in return for his funeral services,” said Nicholas.

If you’d like to help the Nash family, you can donate to their GoFundMe page by clicking here.


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