Modesto Neighborhood Bands Together Against Thieves

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MODESTO -- A burglary earlier this week in Modesto has neighbors coming together to try to find the suspects. Friday, neighbors spoke out about how a stolen garage door opener set the burglary in motion.

Security cameras show the moments a man entered Efrem Grimes’ Modesto home Tuesday, but outside of turning over the camera and unplugging a few items upstairs, nothing was taken inside the home.

 “The most shocking part to me is him coming into the house and just walking around like he owns the house, like this is his home. That was shocking to me,” said Grimes.

Grimes says tires and rims, a tool box and a few other items were stolen from the garage, but how the two men in the car got into the home is what is haunting Grimes and his neighbors on Pelucca Lane.

It’s kind of hard man. I feel violated. I’m just trying to get through it now,” stated Grimes.

Grimes says his cameras first captured the men stopping to ring his doorbell around 8:30 Tuesday morning. When they returned two hours later, the men were able to get into the garage, because Grimes says they stole his garage door opener from his car that was parked at Vintage Faire mall that morning. He says the door leading inside from the garage was unlocked because his son was going to stop by in the afternoon.

“To me, it’s an eye opener, or actually it’s a blessing that he didn’t go through my whole house and take off my TVs and everything else,” Grimes said.

Grimes says he was targeted, and says his cameras captured a man wearing a similar hat riding a bike down the street on the Fourth of July. Grimes is thankful for his neighbors, who run their own neighborhood watch, as they've helped in the search to find the men and ensure this doesn't happen again.

“Now as a neighborhood we are like ‘we need to sit down.’ We need to know who belongs at what house, we need to know when they go on vacation so we know what trucks or cars or whatever belong at the house,” said Rachel Reed, Grimes’ neighbor.

Neighbor, John Vernacchio, added, “you’re never going to stop a thief, they’re going to steal. It’s just a matter of how you catch them. The neighborhood pulls together and that’s what makes me happy.”

If you have any information about the two men in the video, you are urged to contact Modesto police.


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