DMV Expands Hours to Help with Long Lines

CARMICHAEL -- When Crystal Hudson had to go to the DMV for a registration issue Monday morning she didn’t hold back her feelings.

"I get annoyed and stressed out," she told FOX40.

First, Hudson tried a Sacramento office but she says it was far too packed. She went to Rocklin and the line was smaller -- but still out the door. Hudson eventually wound up at the Carmichael office.

The DMV blames the long lines on the new federally mandated Real ID driver's licenses. It's an effort by the federal government to standardize drivers licenses across the U.S.

Starting Monday, the DMV is making a change that could help things run smoother.

The DMV is now opening an hour earlier, at 7 a.m., at its offices in Auburn, Carmichael, Rocklin, Davis and Turlock. Customers Kent Evers made sure he was one of the first in line.

"I made an appointment in Folsom next week but I figured no one else knew they were open at 7, so I came in early," Evers said.

And that's not the only change. Right now, 43 field offices offer Saturday services twice a month. Beginning next month, the DMV will expand that to 60 offices and they will provide services every Saturday.

"We’ve seen a lot of great feedback and that's why we are adding a full day and extra offices. Just in those first three Saturdays that we've offered it we have helped about 35,000 customers," DMV Assistant Deputy Director Jessica Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says the agency hired more than 400 new employees last month.

"As people start looking at that expiration date on their driver's license and learning more about Real ID, we do expect more people to come in," she said.

The DMV wants to remind people to make sure they have all necessary documents before coming into and office to sign up for a Real ID. You can go to the department's website to see the full checklist.

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