Massive Mini Cooper Road Trip Swings Through West Sacramento

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- The cars may be Minis but there was nothing small about the scene Monday at Raley Field.

Nearly 1,000 people in 500 Mini Coopers turned out to start leg three of the West Coast route of Mini Takes the States 2018.

The drivers come from all walks of life.

"We raise money for veterans organizations, but more importantly, I collect toiletries," driver Dallas said. He is an advocate for veterans from Indiana. "Ten 12-gallon plastic tubs. I’m hoping to fill up seven, if not eight, of them with toiletries."

He, like many FOX40 met, participate every two years in the event. This year, instead of one two-week, cross-country drive, there is a West Coast route and an East Coast route, and they’ll both meet in the middle Friday in Keystone, Colorado.

"We’re North Carolina and everyone wanted to know why did we not start in Orlando," driver Cynthia Womble said.

Womble's 15-year-old son Robert has never been west, so they drove to Portland to start the ride there. Luckily, Robert is now old enough to pitch in with the driving.

"Since he took driver’s ed, he now critiques my driving, and I have to say to him, 'You’ve been driving, what, two months? And I’ve been driving somewhere around 35 years,'" Womble said.

If you’re wondering how a mother-son do in the car for weeks, Womble says their trip has been priceless.

"It’s actually really wonderful," she said. "Yesterday, he said, 'Mom, I think this is the best day ever.' I really did almost start crying."

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