Abuse Allegations Involving Children Prompt Travis Air Force Base to Hold Town Hall

TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE -- Allegations of the abuse of a 5-year-old girl at a Travis Air Force Base child youth center has prompted base officials to convene a town meeting with parents Monday.

"I am one very pissed off mother," said Tanisha Porter.

Porter didn’t hold back after she said a 5-year-old girl used her hand to penetrate Porter's 5-year-old daughter in an incident in the bathroom. Porter, a civilian employee at another child care facility on the base, went on in the lengthy video to warn other parents that their kids were in jeopardy.

"If it happened to my child it very much well could happen to yours, just like that," Porter said.

Comments on the Travis Air Force Base website blew up with parents wanting to know what was going on. They commented that they had only heard about a vague change in bathroom visiting procedures.

"I’m hoping that all parents that have been affected in any type of way or have ever had any incident like mine will come forward and speak out," Porter told FOX40 before the town hall meeting.

The alleged victim’s godmother pointed to recent congressional concerns over child on child sex abuse on military bases and how they are handled.

"We have come to discover this is a rampant problem and the military does not seem to be capable of resolving it in its own self," said the child's godmother, Jamilia Land.

Land said a meeting with base officials on Friday was inconclusive but did lead to Monday’s town hall meeting, which was open only to parents.

The youth center touts development programs and after-school child care.

"That’s the whole purpose of dropping them off here. We could have went off base someplace else," said the girl's father, Marcus Robinson. "But we felt that this was the best place. That she would be safe and well taken care of and well supervised."

The reactions to Porter’s post included comments on past incidents at the center and the lack of staffing.

"She was left unattended and her and another child were found in the bathroom naked," Land said.

The base released a statement saying it takes the charges seriously and that the safety of children is the top priority and that they will "... continue to work transparently and cooperatively with our families and relevant agencies to ensure quality care."

Land is adamant about what supposedly occurred.

"She described it in such detail that it’s only the type of detail that one could describe had they actually experienced it," Land said.

Just how the base is investigating the incident and what prevention measures will be taken won’t be known until after the town hall.

"I’m praying that this won’t be swept under the rug and that this won’t be something that they just kind of keep in house," Robinson said. "But that they’ll be willing to step up and really take responsibility."

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