Angry Customer Leaves 72-Year-Old Business Owner Bloodied, With Broken Nose

ELK GROVE -- Elk Grove police say a 25-year-old man is responsible for kicking a 72-year-old business owner in the face.

Nicolas Gordon was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of felony battery causing serious injuries and felony elderly abuse.

Gordon, his brother and their mother returned their rental truck Tuesday morning to S&J Moving Supplies. Steve Ouelette's daughter, Dawn Willis, says the woman was upset over an issue from earlier in the week.

"Just berate me, telling me how rude I was the other day on the phone," Willis recalled.

Willis had initially said she couldn't accept the woman's credit card without her being present in the business. But the issue was moot because Ouelette knew the woman and had done business with her in the past. So he allowed her card to be used over the phone without her having to come in.

"I walked away, had other customers here. I said, 'Have a nice day,'" Willis said. "She's yelling at me from the parking lot. I'm not gonna engage."

Nicolas Gordon, 25 (Credit: Elk Grove Police Department)

Willis says the woman eventually left but the sons stayed and were rude and using expletives. So she told them to leave.

"Next thing I know my dad's pulling in. Stumbles out of his truck, blood everywhere," Willis said.

"I cried. It was extremely upsetting because that's kind of been my worst nightmare," said Ouelette's wife Judy.

The men apparently moved to the front of the business, posted themselves next to the mailboxes and held signs that read, "Poor customer service." It was around that time that Ouelette drove up.

He said the men complained about his daughter, calling her names and cursing.

"I got a little uptight," Ouelette said. "So I went to grab the sign off 'em and he lunged at me, and brought his foot up and his knee and kicked me right in the face."

The brothers then took off and Willis immediately called police. Officers caught up with the suspect and had him in custody within a half-hour.

Ouelette, who is a combat Vietnam Navy veteran, says his nose was broken and he had to get several stitches.

"Respect people like you wanna be respected and don't throw things in their face. Problems can be worked out if you talk about them," Ouelette said.

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