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DA Determines Fatal Shooting of Colby Friday was ‘Justified’

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY — The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office released its decision Tuesday that a Stockton police officer’s actions were “justified under the circumstances” when he shot and killed Colby Friday.

Friday was shot by Officer David Wells in August 2016 behind the Jamestown Plaza Shopping Center. The police department says Friday, who was armed with a handgun, fled from Wells, who was searching for a robbery suspect. That’s when Stockton Police spokesman Joe Silva says Friday “refused to comply with the officer’s orders, at which point the officer, not only fearing for his safety but for the safety of others, fired his service weapon, striking the suspect.”

The DA’s report says in part, “… It is the opinion of the District Attorney that the lethal use of force by Officer Wells on August 16, 2016, was justified, and no criminal charges are warranted.”

Friday’s family, who just last August filed a lawsuit against the City of Stockton, the Stockton Police Department, Police Chief Eric Jones and Wells, has been told of the DA’s findings. They demanded Wells’ body camera footage be released in its entirety and that he face charges for Friday’s death.

“I want David Wells to be held accountable for the murder of my son,” said Friday’s mother, Denise Friday Hall. “He assassinated my son.”

Wells forgot to turn on his body camera during the shooting and was disciplined.

See the DA’s findings report in its entirety below: