Driver Slams Truck Into Orangevale Gas Pump, Leaves Scene

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ORANGEVALE -- Police are looking for the man who drove into a gas station pump, abandoned his car and took off.

The bizarre incident and two people who were nearby at the time were captured on surveillance video.

The pickup truck caused massive destruction to the Orangevale Orbit gas station pump after it left the roadway, hit the curb and came slamming into it.

What happened to the gas station pumps was no mystery because it was caught on the surveillance camera and the driver left the Ford F250 behind before taking off.

Still what led to the crash, why the driver left and who is responsible isn’t as clear.

The video also shows two people walking away from the gas station with their arms full less than two minutes after the crash.

"First thing I thought was, was it leaking and how fast do I need to get here?" said Russell Thompson.

The time stamp of the video shows the crash happening around 3:40 a.m. Thompson got the call not long after.

"Damage control this business is all you can do is take care of it," Thompson said.

Thompson watched the video but he was more concerned with getting the gas station he has managed for 20 years cleaned up and ready to open.

"I got local people who need stuff in the morning. So, of course, I’m going to be open for that," Thompson said.

Police have not named any suspects in the case and did not comment on whether the two people seen in the video are the same ones who abandoned the car. However, CHP confirms a female passenger of the pickup was found not far from the crash scene with minor injuries.

The gas station was able to open Tuesday and offer gas from half of their pumps.

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