Family Outraged When 62-Year-Old Man Gets Arrested on 1989 Car Theft Warrant

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Oakland County, MI (WXYZ) — Some crimes have a statute of limitations. Arrest warrants live on in the system.

Sixty-year-old Chris Cline was in bed when he was arrested on a 1989 arrest warrant for car theft in Detroit. His daughter broadcasted it live on Facebook.

“This doesn’t make sense,” said Trillion Wright, Cline’s daughter. “This isn’t murder, rape, a bomb threat. He’s not a terrorist.”

Cline doesn’t walk well and can’t think straight after he was hit by a car some years ago. He says one reason why they want him could be, “I did get caught sleeping in a stolen vehicle, but it wasn’t supposed to be stolen.”

But his daughter adds that he doesn’t remember.

“This isn’t fair,” Wright said. “He’s on file. He has diminished capacity because he had head and frontal lobe damage.”

Cline says he moved to Ohio in 1986, three years before this charge. And while he has some legal trouble there, this never came up.

Deputies took him to the Oakland County Jail but then released him and told him to turn himself into Detroit police. His daughter says they’re going to have an attorney when they do that.

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