‘Insensitive’ Flyer Calls for Lodi’s Homeless to ‘Move Out’

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LODI -- Anonymous flyers were posted around Lodi and on social media, calling for the homeless to move out.

Lodi's Lawrence Park tends to be a gathering place for homeless men and women. It's where FOX40 caught up with James Deck.

"It was in the alley over here stapled to a pole," Deck said.

It's also the area where Deck saw the flyer with a strongly worded message directed at Lodi's homeless population.

"It was insensitive and a little misguided," Deck said.

The anonymous flyer says "Homeless filth," "destruction of property" and "squatting... is not wanted in Lodi." It tells the homeless to move out.

The flyer posted around Lodi reads in full: “Your Homeless filth and destruction of property, Your illegal squatting in our parks, Your pandering and public urination and defecating wherever you are, The discarded stolen property you leave in your wake, IS NOT WANTED IN LODI. Find your family, Get help, Move out of Lodi Do something productive towards your future.”

"Wasn't surprised. A lot of people express their frustration and I get there's a level of frustration," said Shelby Young, the executive director of Lodi House.

Lodi House provides counseling and shelter for homeless women and children.

"Nobody really chooses to ever be homeless," Young told FOX40. "There's been circumstances that have been very difficult."

Deck feels there should be more resources in town for those in need.

"It's just not very many opportunities here for most people and what are they to do?" Deck said.

Young says there are resources for those who seek them out, things like a homeless task force and an officer dedicated to working with the homeless.

While the flyers are no longer up near the park, the message is still sitting with those who gather there and those trying to help.

"I also believe that shaming someone and leaving a note doesn't make that homeless person think, 'You know what, I'm gonna change my life," Young said.

The park has the attention of the city. There have been complaints about litter, drug use, theft and crime there and city leaders were considering adding a fence to increase safety in the area.

There is a Lodi City Council meeting Wednesday night and while city leaders told FOX40 they don't plan to discuss the flyer, it may come up during the public comment period.

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