Kids See Navy Gadgets First Hand at Powerhouse Science Center

SACRAMENTO -- Kids at the Powerhouse Science Center saw a different side of the Navy on Tuesday morning.

Sailors from across California were in Sacramento for Navy Week, showing off some of the gadgets they use to keep the country secure.

"Robots are a huge draw because a lot of people are interested to see what the military uses for robots," Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Chief Matthew Ludwig said.

Something else the kids did was learn about the different kinds of gear officers in the Navy wear, like bomb squad uniforms. Just half of one of the uniforms weighs almost 50 pounds.

Navy representatives were on hand to highlight some of the departments that rely heavily on math and science every day through fun experiments and displays.

"Here we have the impact of pressure or depth on styrofoam. So apparently, if your Pepsi cup goes too deep, it shrinks considerably," Navy Ocean Forecaster David Rosenfield said.

They hope to educate young people about their branch of the military and maybe inspire some future sailors.

"Good people work good jobs to protect Americans," Ludwig said. "And that's what we're trying to go and send the message forward on."

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