UC Davis Gets Green Light to Expand Its Campus, Add More Housing

DAVIS -- In the upcoming years, the University of California, Davis will get bigger now that an expansion plan for the West Village Complex has been approved.

UC officials gave the green light to the college to add rooms for 3,265 students.

Last fall, more than 77,000 applications to become students were reviewed by admissions personnel. Now the question is: How many students are too many?

"This new plan will establish an enrollment increase at UC Davis of about 5,000 students and provide housing for about 9,000 students," said the Director of Environmental Planning Matt Dulcich.

The on-campus living expansion began in 2011 with the West Village project. FOX40 was there last fall when another 500 students moved in, giving the complex more than 2,000 occupants.

"I mean, first of all, it's so spacious," said freshman Tristan Adair. "We've got room for our refrigerator and TV, the whole set-up. So I feel like it's a home away from home."

However, with a campus that already has nearly 40,000 students, do those who go to class there now really think more is better?

"I don't like classes too big but I think having a little bit higher enrollment is fine," said student Erich Berkefeld.

"I think there should be a limit, especially because of the study spaces that we have on campus," said student Betsy Munoz. "They are very limited and small as it is, especially during midterms week and finals weeks."

To quell the concerns of overcrowding on campus the school adds that, as part of its "larger plan," more than 2 million additional square feet of campus space will be added as well. Groundbreaking is expected sometime later this year and over 1,400 additional beds will be available in fall 2020. The rest will be available by the following year.

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