Noise From Nearby Restaurants Are Causing Some Folsom Residents to Gripe

FOLSOM – A battle is brewing in Folsom between a resident and a local Mexican restaurant over noise.

A woman who lives on Hoxsie Court claims an exhaust fan from a Adanberto’s restaurant on nearby Bidwell street is so loud, she can’t sleep.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, says ever since March, a constant hum can be heard from her backyard and even inside her house.

She says she’s reached out to the city of Folsom’s code enforcement.

However, after a test, an officer told her that the volume from the restaurant was not loud enough to be in violation of city code.

Meanwhile the Adanberto’s manager tells FOX40, he feels the complaints are racially motivated.

A neighbor whom does not want to be identified said, “it’s ruining every aspect of our life. You can’t sleep, you can’t watch tv, you can’t have a conversation with friends. We have a pretty backyard, we can’t put a table out here and sit with friends and enjoy the sunshine, you can’t open your windows at night and have the air cool down. So, all of our bills have gone up because we’re running fans and TV and AC 24/7 basically to drown it out.”

Adanberto’s manager Cruz Navarro says there is nothing wrong with his restaurant’s exhaust fan however, he and his employees now feel harassed. He claims neighbors have been sending threatening letters. He believes that if the city says there is no problem then neighbors are targeting his restaurant for another reason.

“I don’t know, maybe, we are Mexican that’s why. Maybe it’s racist. You know, we feel that,” Navarro said.

Neighbors told FOX40 that the homes were built 10 years before the strip mall was. That’s why they feel the city or the businesses should pay for a taller wall to help block sound. However, city codes say the wall only has to be 6-feet tall, which it is, on the business side. It’s a little shorter on the neighbor’s side.

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