Worried Turlock Residents Hope to Stop Cars Speeding Down Their Streets

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TURLOCK -- Community members are hoping for a change as people driving at high speeds down their Turlock streets is causing concern.

Landon Edwards has lived on the west side of Turlock for over a decade and he says cars speeding down Flower Street is nothing new, but he posted a video on Facebook hopefully to get people’s attention so that they know this is a big problem in the area in hopes that something can be done in the area so that that speeding doesn’t become deadly.

Edwards has seen it firsthand too many times, cars racing down Flower Street in Turlock earlier this week.

“To be going 50 or up, to be blowing through all the stop signs and they are not even like sports cars, race cars. It’s just normal family cars being complacent and plowing through here,” said Edwards.

Edwards posted the video to Facebook Thursday because he wants the community to see the problem of cars moving dangerously fast in residential areas of West Turlock, where kids and families often roam the streets that are just a few blocks from the Turlock police station.

“She’s come home, parked her car across the street and cars have driven fast enough to push her up against her car. We’ve come home from the store, sat in our car and cars will drive fast enough that it shakes the car a bit,” Edwards said.

Edwards says instances like this, where cars are out of control and take out fences in the area before bolting, are far too common, and even potholes on the narrow street don’t serve as a deterrent.

“It’s just weird to see it because, you know, it’s stuff you see on Youtube videos or different neighborhoods. I just wish it wouldn’t happen as often because it shouldn’t happen that often,” stated Edwards.

FOX40 witnessed a car flying by on its way down the street while filming. Edwards and Kaylie Bowden say they feel their neighborhood has become forgotten and would like to see more police patrol in the neighborhood, or even more 4-way stops at the intersections on the street.

“I’ve seen somebody in a body bag because of people being not safe when they are driving and I think that should be something brought up as something of attention because there are kids, there are families, people like us and you, people that don’t live in these communities. Something bad can happen at any moment,” said Bowden.

FOX40 did reach out to Turlock police for information on patrolling the area of West Turlock, but we did not hear back.

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