Players, Families from Across the Country Brave the Heat at USA Softball Championship

PLACER COUNTY -- A softball tournament going on all week in Roseville and Lincoln will have to deal with the heat.

USA Softball of Sacramento has brought in 38 teams and their families this week for the Western National Championship for girls 16 to 18. Around 1,500 visitors will come to the fields in both Roseville and Lincoln and the challenge on day one was dealing with the heat.

"We have a lot of shade trees at both parks. We have a lot of water and Gatorade in the dugouts for the players, as much as they need," said USA Softball Commissioner Jeff Dubchansky.

Dana and Jimmy Whaley traveled to Roseville with their daughter's team from Georgia.

"This isn't our first time. This is a dry heat. It's humid in Georgia," Jimmy Whaley said.

For the players and families from Hawaii, it doesn't come close to this type of heat where they are from.

"I had the umbrella. I had the fan and I had my towel and I am still dying," said mother Robin Magwire.

Even locals know it's hot.

Umpires also didn't get a break from the sun. Plus, they've got full protective gear on where the field of play can reach scorching temperatures.

"We have brought the little thermometer gun out before and it was 134 on the top of my shoes," said umpire Mark Cusisk.

"You know, they have the hardest job, we think," Dubchansky said. "They don't get to sit in the shade at all in between innings. We make sure they're hydrated."

One more way the tournament was trying to keep the players and fans cool was to take a break during the hottest part of the day between 5 and 6:30 p.m.

The tournament runs through Saturday.

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