Good News for a Redding Family Despite Carr Fire Devastation

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REDDING –Viktorya Ford has just "been kind of camping out" before a road block on Quartz Hill Road in Redding.

Just beyond the closure is her grandmother's home.

“My grandma is out of town and the fire was across the street from her house. I was hoping to get some of her things out,” said Ford.

She asked us for a favor, to check if the home on River Ridge Drive was still standing.

So many homes nearby were destroyed by the Carr fire, then we pulled up and saw something good and were able to make a special phone call.

We were able to tell Ford that there was only damage to her grandmother’s fence. The house was totally fine.

It's a huge relief for this family but others weren’t so lucky.

The destruction across the street from Ford’s grandmothers house means many people will come home to nothing but ash.

“We did not believe the fire would come through this track,” said a neighbor.

Thousands of Firefighters are battling the Carr fire day and night in extreme conditions to stop the spread and help more people like Viktorya's grandmother get good news.

“Yeah, I'll call her right now,” said Ford.

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