Marysville Levee Set to be Completed by 2022, Meant to Provide 200 Years of Flood Protection

MARYSVILLE -- Local flood officials say the Marysville Ring Levee designed to provide 200 year flood protection for the city is on track to be completed in four years.

A 1,000 foot section along Riverfront Park next to the Feather River should be completed on schedule by the fall. Congressman John Garamendi said the project which has been allocated around $30 million, benefited from federal funds after Congress allocated $80 billion for flood relief and repairs following major floods in Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida.

The Marysville project involves digging a 38 foot trench at the base of the levy and filling it with a slurry mixture which will harden to create a barrier stopping water from undermining the levee.

The face of the 30 foot high levee, which was cut back to allow for the trenching, will be replaced so it is on top of the trench.
Officials said only a concerted effort by local, state and regional entities could bring the project to completion after years of planning and financing.

Still more repairs on the Feather River on the opposite bank in Sutter County were cut short by five miles after financing for that project came up short.

Garamendi says those are the perils of yearly budgeting by Congress.

Local officials say cooperative efforts will continue to bring in the necessary funds to complete the project.

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