Little League Teams had to Move Game Due to Carr Fire

ROCKLIN -- Effects of the Carr fire are being felt locally, as a Little League final had to be moved because of the fire.

The game to decide who represents northern California in the West Regional for Little League was supposed to be played tonight in Redding, but because of the conditions caused by the Carr fire, it was moved to Yuba City. But, that’s not the only connection to the Carr fire for Little League. The Tri-City team actually saw smoke coming from the very beginning of the Carr fire on Monday.

It’s the opportunity the members of Tri City All Stars have worked all summer for.

A chance to play in the Little League West Regional was supposed to run through Redding, but because of the Carr fire, the northern California state championship game pitting Tri-City against Petaluma will be held in Yuba city.

“It’s really fun to play in all these tournaments,” stated Trajan Rogowski, centerfielder for the Tri City All Stars.

Jonathan Vavak, third baseman for the All Stars added, “it’s going to be fun to play a good team tonight and try to make a shot to regionals.”

The teams played each other in Redding Wednesday night, seeing the smoke from the Carr fire in the distance. By Thursday morning, ash covered their cars at their hotel.

“We were worried for our kids and their health but also for the people of Redding. We felt bad about having to leave but it was the right thing to do and I think we were lucky to get out of there when we did to free things up for the first responders and the evacuees,” said Ron Rogowski, assistant coach to the All Stars.

A picture taken a little over an hour after Cal Fire says the Carr fire started because of a mechanical issue of a vehicle, shows the team had actually encountered the Carr fire long before it got out of control. The team was spending an off day enjoying the lake near Whiskeytown.

As they practiced for the big game on their home field in Rocklin Saturday afternoon, Tri-City had Redding on their mind, expressing gratitude for the work fire crews are doing in the area.

“The league that hosted the tournament in East Redding, a great group of folks. We give a shout out to them and we hope they are all doing well and we are thinking about them, keeping them in [our] thoughts and prayers, hope everyone is safe and can get everything under control,” said Ron Rogowski.

Vavak added that “condolences go out to all the families in Redding if they lost anything. You’re in our hearts and prayers. We are praying for you.”

That game starts at 8 o’clock Saturday night in Yuba City between Petaluma and Tri-City. The winner goes on to the West Regionals which start in San Bernardino August 5th.

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