Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Hits Indonesia, at Least 10 Dead

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A magnitude 6.4 earthquake has killed at least 10 people on the Indonesian island of Lombok, some 140 miles of east of Bali, according to the Indonesian Red Cross.

The dead include a Malaysian citizen, Indonesia’s National Disaster Search and Rescue agency says.

The earthquake had a shallow depth of 7.5 kilometers (4.6 miles), according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

The USGS issued a yellow pager alert for shaking from the quake. Yellow indicates some casualties are possible and the impact should be relatively localized, the USGS says.

The quake was not far from Mount Rinjani, a volcano.

The Indonesian Red Cross said on Twitter that Lombok’s Sebalun district appeared to have been worst affected. The organization said its teams were helping with search and rescue.

Officials in Australia, India and Indonesia did not issue a tsunami advisory.

The Indonesian archipelago is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area of intense seismic and volcanic activity.

The 40,000-kilometer (25,000-mile) area stretches from the boundary of the Pacific Plate and the smaller plates such as the Philippine Sea plate to the Cocos and Nazca Plates that line the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

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