Gov. Brown: Fires are Now Part of the ‘Ordinary Experience’ for Californians

MATHER -- Despite the 13,000 firefighters on the fire lines, Cal Fire officials are calling in back-up from other states and even other countries.

There are more than 32,000 people still evacuated across the state and nearly 300,000 acres actively burning.

"Whatever resources are needed, we're putting them there," said Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown spoke alongside the top emergency management officials in the state Wednesday morning. His main message focused on the devastation from wildfires seen across California that will only get "worse in the coming years."

"This is serious," Brown said. "Fires are now a more part of our ordinary experience. The predictions that things would get drier and hotter are occurring."

The governor says the new normal involves a longer fire season with far more destruction. He believes climate change is to blame.

"People are doing everything they can but nature is very powerful and we're not on the side of nature," Brown said. "We're fighting nature with the amount of material we're putting in the environment and that material traps heat and the heat fosters fires and the fires keep burning."

He says with 32 million cars on California roads and the population steadily increasing, lawmakers will have to start allocating more funds to fighting wildfires in the future.

"So far, this fire activity is a small part of our very large budget. But it is a growing part and it will continue to grow as we adapt to the changing weather," the governor said.

In the meantime, emergency officials say all Californians need to be prepared for the possibility of a fire sparking in their neighborhood.

"We have a long way to go in this fire season and as we saw last year, fire season can go right up through December," said Cal Fire Chief Ken Pimlott.

"I would suspect there will be more fires to come and more fires each year for a very long time," Brown said. "Everyone should be ready and everyone should have a plan."

Governor Brown has been in contact with the White House to ask for more federal resources to fight wildfires across the state.

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