Firefighters Save Shasta County Home, Leave Tattered Flag Folded on Porch

SHASTA COUNTY — Thousands of evacuated families are returning to their homes or what’s left of them after the recent wildfires.

As the Carr Fire raged through Redding, all Don Spellman could do was wait.

“We weren’t sure if the house was going to make it,” Spellman told FOX40.

But when they finally got the “all clear” to head home his daughter found their house still standing.

“I did a quick survey, looked to see how much of the ground had been just charcoaled to a crisp. And immediately, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, the flag,'” Kari Spellman said.

Her father’s signature flag was missing from his flagpole.

“‘Where might it be? Did it get burned on the flagpole and if not, who would have removed it?'” she recalled thinking.

But as she walked toward the front door there was a welcomed surprise — her father’s flag, tattered but neatly folded by the front door. On it was a note from firefighters that read, “Saved the house but not the flag. Thanks for flying Old Glory.”

A gesture that restored the Spellmans faith, even when it felt like their whole world was going up in flames.

“It’s the flag that means a lot,” Kari Spellman said. “And I’m just very thankful to these individuals that are willing to sacrifice for people that they don’t even know and to put so much on the line. They don’t think twice about it.”

The Spellmans say even though the flag is damaged, they’ll be keeping it forever. They plan to frame it, along with the note firefighters left.

Kari Spellman’s original post about the flag has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

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