Mail Carriers Return to Flea-Infested Rosemont Neighborhood

ROSEMONT -- The United States Postal Service says their mail carriers were forced to avoid a Rosemont neighborhood due to a massive flea infestation.

Miguel Lemos told FOX40 he walks the neighborhood every morning with his four Yorkshire terriers. He says none of them ever come home with fleas.

"Never had a problem," Lemos said.

Still, for days, mailboxes there stayed empty. Residents had to pick up their mail at the post office a few miles down the road.

But then on Monday, armed with boxes, letters, flyers and a can of flea repellent, the letter carriers came back.

A USPS spokesman said their carriers came back to the post office with flea bites. Yet, despite the bites, they were willing to brave the neighborhood once more, with repellent "in an attempt to continue to provide outstanding postal service."

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