‘End Family Fire’ Campaign Encourages Gun Owners to Make Homes Safer

End Family Fire is a movement aimed at putting gun safety first. Their mission is to promote and teach responsible gun ownership in the home.

The CDC says eight children and teens are killed or injured every single day by family fire, a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home that results in death or injury and 4.6 million children have access to loaded and unlocked guns in their homes - and three out of four kids know where firearms are kept in their home.

When gun owners store their guns safely, the chances of unintentional shootings are drastically reduced - ensuring nearly 3,000 more kids each year have a future.

At 6: 20 a.m. on FOX40, Kyleanne Hunter, a representative of the End Family Fire campaign, and Hector Adames, who has been personally affected by family fire, will chat with Paul and Mae about gun safety, storage and Hector will share his story.
  • Evaluate your home situation
  • Start by securing your gun in a secure inaccessible location, away from children and guests.
  • Always store your gun securely and separate from ammo
  • Remember to pair your gun with the right style and size lock
  • Talk, teach, repeat. Reduce the risk of family fire incidents by discussing gun safety with your kids
  • If you're unsure about gun ownership, look into alternative home-protection options.
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