Fairfield Business Finds Fleet of Box Trucks Covered in Graffiti

FAIRFIELD -- Staff at a Fairfield business woke up to a rash of vandalism to several of their trucks.

It happened at Tomson Cabinetry on West Texas Street.

"To my knowledge, and I've been here 11 years, it's never happened," said Nicole Dawkins, who works at Tomson Cabinetry.

Right across from Tomson Cabinetry on West Texas Street sat two of the three trucks used daily. By Wednesday, they were covered in graffiti.

"People siphon the gas out, they do that quite often, but nobody's actually ever put graffiti on it," Dawkins told FOX40.

Dawkins has worked at the family-owned business for more than a decade but has never seen anything like what she saw Wednesday morning.

A surveillance picture shared by a staff member shows a man in a red hat tagging the trucks around 3:15 a.m. Fairfield police say they believe it may have been an isolated incident in the area.

"We definitely don’t want to be driving around the areas that we go with our vans all tagged up with graffiti. That’s not a professional look that we want," Dawkins said.

While Dawkins says everything is still "business as usual," she has a strong message for the person responsible for vandalizing the trucks.

"We do have a good camera system in place so I do recommend you don’t come back because we will prosecute every single time," Dawkins said.

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