Family Hoping to Raise $30,000 for Victims of Violent Crimes at Annual Golf Tournament

STOCKTON -- With each swing and drive, Paul Singh hopes to give back to the city that helped him through his own grief.

"It gives me an opportunity to help the community and to set an example for my kids,” Singh said.

Singh says he hopes to raise $30,000 which will go to victims of violent crime.

This is how Singh and his family keep his late wife’s giving, loving presence in the community.

"We think about her all the time, we make sure that her presence is felt,” Singh said.

Investigators say Misty Holt-Singh was taken hostage by three men who robbed a Bank of the West 2014.

They say Jaime Ramos used Holt-Singh as a body shield.

A report done by the request of Chief Eric Jones shows officers fired 600 rounds at the suspects, 10 of which fatally struck the Stockton wife and mother.

Jones says the tragedy has changed how police operate.

“There are tools we didn’t have that we now either have or we have coming on the way," Jones said.

Officers now have UAVs, a helicopter on the way and training opportunities.

"So we now train our managers on better communication, better response," Jones said.

Just a month ago, Singh settled with the City of Stockton for an amount he has not disclosed.

He says it’s a legal matter he took up on his own so his kids can focus on their own lives.

"I just didn’t want to them to relive this over-and-over again so I’m glad it’s behind us," Singh said.

While the tragedy has changed the Singh family and policing, Singh says he’s comforted each time he sees a dragonfly -- a sign he believes is from his wife.

"Once she passed there was dragonflies in the backyard so that’s [how] we know when we see a dragonfly she’s near us," Singh explained.

In past years, Singh says  they have raised $50,000 for victims of violent crimes.

The two surviving suspects were found guilty of Holt-Singh's death last year.


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