The Best Ways to Handle Bullying at School

Mae is talking with author and leadership expert Rick Jordan about how to handle bullying at school.

According to StopBullying.Gov, 1 in 4 teens have been verbally bullied. Eighty percent of high-schoolers have been Cyberbullied and 35 percent of teens have been physically threatened online.

The website also says kids only tell adults about bullying Incidents 40 percent of the time.

Rick Jordan will touch on his book "Situational Ethics" and the following topics:
1) Your kid is being bullied — what do you do?
2) Your kid is a bully — what do you do?
3) Your kid’s friend is getting bullied — what should they do?
4) Your kid’s friend is bullying someone else — what should they do?
5) Your kid’s teacher is a bully — what do you do?
6) Your kid is bullying his teacher — what do you do?


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