KKK Recruitment Flyers Found in Suisun City Neighborhoods

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SUISUN CITY -- Several people in Suisun City found Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers in their driveways this weekend.

The flyer left in Suisun City driveways.

The flyers were placed inside bags of rice and delivered to homes on El Mar Court and Mayfield Circle in Suisun. They read, "Save our land join the klan," along with "loyal white knights of the Ku Klux Klan."

"It’s just really odd, you usually don’t see this kind of thing," said Jamie Moody.

Suisun City police say they received several reports of the flyers Saturday, which were passed along to homes in different parts of town. They went on to say they do not have any evidence of a specific crime directly related to the flyers.

"I was actually shocked," said Suisun resident Leyda Orellana. "I’ve never heard anything like that during this year, so to me it was big news."

FOX40 called the number on the flyer. A recorded message started with, "Greetings from the loyal white knights of the KKK." The rest of the voice message is too graphic for FOX40 to report.

"We're all different ethnicities," Moody said. "We’ve all ... a lot of us lived on this street for many years, so it’s just odd to receive."

While this latest incident has the town talking, they say there is no room for hate in the diverse community.

"Intentionally or as a hoax, I would like to see it stop," said Michael Wells.

Suisun City police say the recruitment effort is not local and they are disappointed in the actions of whomever sent out the flyers. If you have any information contact police.

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