9 Treated for Rabies after Handling Infected Bat at Placer County Campground

COLFAX -- In the dozen years from 2003 to 2015, there were only 38 cases of human rabies in the US and 22 of those came from people having contact with bats.

Just outside of Colfax, however, one infected bat could be pushing those averages up.

Earlier in August, California State Parks Superintendent Mike Howard says "numerous people ... including children" handled a rabid bat at the Mineral Bar Campground.

"It ultimately bit somebody," Howard said.

Nine people are being treated for rabies after the incident but dozens more may have been exposed. Park rangers want to be certain they know they need to get medical attention.

Meanwhile, wildlife experts have paid a visit to the campground and determined there’s no on-going concern.

Park rangers say if a wild animal is letting you get close, or trying to get close to you, that’s the best sign that it may be sick.

Rabies is treatable if it’s caught early enough. It takes an injection in the arm to cure it.

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