Roseville Family Gets New Car, New Lease on Life

ROSEVILLE -- The parents of two small children with one on the way were handed the keys to a used Toyota Corolla with the help of a program that battles homelessness in conjunction with

EveryONE Matters Ministries helps house needy families in converted RVs but also believes reliable transportation is important.

"If you didn’t have a car to drive, you wouldn’t have any income," said Nicolete Romig of Everything Matters Ministries. "You can’t pay the rent, you couldn’t save money. You couldn’t break that (homeless) cycle."

That is certainly the case with the Whitleys. Dakota works at a food delivery service that requires him to use his own car. But the family car was apparently a lemon that is undrivable because it needs costly repairs.

The family will be moving into one of the ministries’ trailers soon and Dakota can get back to work. The nonprofit holds the title to the cars until families work with a mentor and counselor to provide upkeep and insurance on the cars.

The used car dealership says it tries to give away at least four cars a year to help solve the community problem.

"It can make a transitional difference in their lives and we do it as often as we can," said owner Tony Harb.

The Whitely’s say the car can help turn their lives around after some hard times.

"This is really nice, something I never thought would happen," said Candace Whitley.