Person Suspected of Stealing Bus after Pulling It Over with Stolen CHP Cruiser at Sac State

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SACRAMENTO -- School officials at Sacramento State University say someone in a stolen CHP cruiser pulled over a San Joaquin Delta College bus on campus, directed the driver to get out and then drove away in the bus on Friday.

CHP officials said around 12:30 p.m., officers responded to a two car incident on Highway 50 and Bradshaw.

When the officer got out to talk to one of the drivers - the suspect - identified as 34-year-old Aaron Avitan - jumped in the officers patrol car and took off.

Aaron Avitan, 34

That’s when he ended up at Sac State - pulling over a bus - with several San Joaquin Delta students on board.

The bus driver, Mary Speck, said she was forced off and felt uneasy about the person she believed to be an officer.

"He got a little aggressive and he demanded that I get out of the bus now, so he jumped in and took off with my bus,” said Speck.

Sac State spokesman Brian Blomster said the Avitan took the bus onto J Street, where the CHP, Sacramento Police Department and campus police pulled them over.

"When he stopped one of the guys grabbed him and choked him. When he choked him, I just started hitting him took the keys turned it off and threw the car in park,” said San Joaquin Delta College student, Marsha Fernando.

The J Street entrance to the campus was closed.

Bystanders also helped by keeping the door to the bus closed when Avitan tried to escape.

The suspect is being held at the Sacramento County Jail with a bail set at $7.8 million.

No one was hurt during the incident.

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