Community and Congressman Rally Behind Attacked Sikh Men

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MANTECA — More than a dozen members of the Sikh community, city and state leaders met on Sunday to discuss recent attacks leaving two Sikh men injured.

Congressman Jeff Denham and Manteca Mayor Stephen DeBrum, along with several others addressing concerns during a walk to the place where one of the attacks happened.

They say this is just one more step in preventing these attacks from happening.

Denham met with the two victims today, holding a candid conversation about the horrific attacks.

He encouraged all members of the community to come together to make changes.

Members of the Sikh community sat alongside local and state leaders, all with one goal.

“They are all standing for us,” Surjit Malhi, one of the men who was attacked.

Denham added, “we’re not going to tolerate any type of racial tension or racial attacks.”

This is one of several meetings many from the Sikh community have held in recent weeks to bring more awareness.

“They want to take a stand they don’t want to keep having this problem in our community,” said Malhi.

This comes just weeks after Surjit and another Sikh man were attacked; just days a part.

“It’s horrific that this would happen in any community but in a community as diverse as this, we need to bring greater awareness,” said Denham.

As this community marches together, they’re taking a stand to prevent someone else from being attacked.

“They have a few apples that are bad, but on the other hand the whole community is standing for us,” Malhi said.

The community will be holding a “know your neighbor” event next month in Turlock and Manteca to continue raising awareness.

The two men Surjit says attacked him, have not yet been caught.

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