Oahu Residents with Sacramento Ties Prepare for Hurricane Lane

OAHU -- With Hurricane Lane on track to move dangerously close to the Hawaiian islands between Thursday and Saturday, some store shelves are going bare as residents stock up on supplies.

"We don't really have anywhere to go as far as avoiding the path," said Oahu resident Ian Barrett in a Wednesday afternoon FaceTime conversation with FOX40. "It sounds like the path is going to take it right over Honolulu. So we just stocked up on fluids, water, food, and we're ready with coolers in case the electricity goes out."

"It's been crazy busy," added Ian's wife, Anna. "Gas stations are packed. Traffic has been really bad."

Ian Barrett's sister, Nicole Graves, lives nearly 2,500 miles away in Folsom. Her thoughts are with her many relatives on Oahu.

"You know, it is a little uncomfortable that I can't be on the island with them when the storm hits," Graves said. "But I know they're safe. They'll be OK."

The Barretts have made arrangements with a neighbor to share a generator if necessary.

"I would call it the aloha spirit, which is a real thing here. People really take care of each other," Anna Barrett said of the resiliency of the people who live on the Islands. "It's just kind of community coming together. That's how amazing things happen."

FOX40 also spoke with Matthew Hiyakumoto of Elk Grove, who is now attending the University of Hawaii's Army ROTC program. He too was preparing for the storm but not panicking.

"I've got homework to do and if not me and my wife will play card games or whatever," Hiyakumoto said. "It'll be good, it'll be good."

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