Roaches, Mouse Droppings Found in Popular Mexican Restaurant

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SACRAMENTO — Sacramento County health inspectors have closed the popular Carolina’s Mexican Food on Franklin Boulevard after mouse droppings and dozens of cockroaches were found in the kitchen.

The county’s report was filed Tuesday afternoon:

Observed live German cockroaches of different life stages in the following areas throughout the kitchen:

– approximately 4 on the floor below the reach-in cooler and steam table

– approximately 20-30 on the floor and wall at the rear cook’s line

– approximately 3-5 on the floor below the work table next to the food preparation sink

– approximately 2-3 inside the wall metal flashing to the right of the work table next to the food preparation sink

– approximately 1-2 inside the opening around the clean out line below the 3-compartment sink

– approximately 3 on the food shelf with the containers of flour and bread crumbs

– 1 on the mop sink.

Health inspectors say at least one mouse was spotted inside the walk-in cooler, along with dozens of droppings.

A customer claims he found a cockroach in a burrito from the restaurant.

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