DeAngelo Hears the 26 Charges Against Him

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SACRAMENTO -- The accused Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist, 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo, was again in court Thursday.

"I miss the most that they didn’t get to see me grow up. I had just become an adult. They died right when I turned 18," said Jennifer Carole.

Carole spoke about her father and stepmother, two victims of the Golden State Killer. Carole says every day DeAngelo is in court she’ll be there.

"Mostly to show support with my other survivors," Carole told FOX40. "That we’re all here for this and I want him to know that we’re not going to forget."

It was actually DNA found on Carole's stepmother that ultimately led authorities to DeAngelo.

"My stepmother and my father would feel a lot of peace knowing that they contributed to his capture," she said.

In court Thursday, a judge read all 26 counts prosecutors have filed against DeAngelo, including 13 for murder.

Prosecutors also requested the court investigate if DeAngelo really needs the assistance of a public defender or if he can afford an attorney on his own.

"For what it will cost, just the number of charges we went through today, I suspect he probably can’t afford an attorney," Carole said.

Once again, DeAngelo did not say anything while in court. Carole told FOX40 he also looked like he lost a lot of weight over the past few weeks.

But Carole says hearing all the charges read Thursday was the hardest part for all the victims.

"To hear Charlene first and then my dad and to hear the special circumstances, that was hard," Carole said. "It was hard to have it called out. I’m with the Southern California crowd because of the murders but I felt it for Debbi ... It was hard to hear every count by itself."

DeAngelo’s attorney also requested a hearing to object to the capital punishment circumstances prosecutors are requesting.

Meanwhile, DeAngelo is expected back in court on Dec. 6.

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