Orangevale Businesses Vandalized, Tagged With Offensive Graffiti

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ORANGEVALE -- Offensive graffiti and swastikas were found tagged on a group of doors between several Sacramento County businesses Thursday.

It happened along Greenback Lane in the Orangevale community.

The business owners and neighbors in the area say this is just the latest act of vandalism in this area.

The graffiti was immediately painted over by the property management, but pictures show swastikas, and hateful words toward a neighborhood watch group.

Now, this community is hoping to find out who’s responsible.

“It said ‘white power,’ there were a couple of swastikas,” explained business owner Josh Greenberg.

These doors are painted over now but this week, Orangevale business owners say they walked in to offensive graffiti on a property housing several companies on Greenback Lane.

“We haven’t seen that type of graffiti before, but we have seen some vandalism and trash as well,” said Greenberg.

This latest act of vandalism comes less than one week after members of the Orangevale crime watch held a meeting to address concerns about public drug use and vandalism in the area.

“The individual who must have done it must be very hateful,” said Gary Burns with the Orangevale crime watch group.

Also written on the vandalized doors, hateful language, directed toward the crime watch group.

“We definitely want to have business owners report such instances,” said Burns.

While people in this area say they may know who’s responsible, they’re taking measures to prevent someone from tagging their property next time around.

“A lot of people hang out around the businesses at night, I don’t know what a lot of them are doing, a lot are drug addicts and transients,” said Greenberg. “We would ask them to just stop, we’re all just small business owners just trying to make our way. It doesn’t help, it just makes more work for us.”

A spokesperson for the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department said the county is looking into who may have done this. He also went on to add that the county does not condone any offensive or hateful graffiti, especially on private property.



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