Roseville Family Hunkering Down for Hurricane Lane

OAHU, Hawaii -- Candace Kuhl watches from her hotel window as Hurricane Lane churns toward Hawaii.

“There’s just really not much to do outside of being in the hotel," Kuhl told FOX40 via Skype. "We just feel pretty protected here.”

Kuhl and her family are hunkering down at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu, hoping to wait out the strong winds and rain.

“My daughter goes to college. She goes to University of Hawaii, so I came to drop her off at school and then have a few days afterwards for vacation," she said.

But when they arrived from Roseville — she learned Hurricane Lane was heading toward the island, and school was canceled until Monday.

"We went and we picked her up and brought her back to the north shore which is where we’re staying," Kuhl said.

With roaring winds, flooding across the Island and closed beaches, the Kuhls are staying put at their hotel and hoping for the best.

“The hotel is keeping us really well informed," Kuhl told FOX40. "They have a lot of water stations around.”

The hotel sends out daily updates on the storm, with safety procedures spelled out -- keeping the Kuhl’s comfortable and optimistic that they’ll be able to weather the storm.

“We are getting a lot of messages from people at home that are seeing things on the news and they are more scared for us than I think we are for ourselves. So we are just trying to keep people at home and family and friends reassured.”

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