Service Handles Some DMV Business For You — For A Cost

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SACRAMENTO -- Long lines at the DMV are a fact of life for folks across California but, there’s a way to skip the line, if you’re willing to pay.

Wait times at the DMV continue to climb and customers are fed up.

That’s why phones are ringing off the hook at RegPros in Sacramento.

“A lot of people don’t have the time, but they have the money. So, they opt for something quicker and faster,” said Erik Gutierrez, the owner of RegPros.

It’s a private for-profit business— licensed to give out vehicle registration, tags, plates and other services the DMV does but without the wait.

“So, we can help you through the whole process,” Gutierrez said.

But unlike the DMV, RegPros comes with a service fee.

“We pretty much broke it down to: how much are people willing to pay to skip the line,” Gutierrez questioned.

Services range from 30 to 120 bucks.

The state oversees the office and audits their work weekly.

“Just to make sure you’re doing your work correctly, the way it’s supposed to be,” said Gutierrez.

And some customers say the added cost is worth skipping the long lines.

RegPros can only help you with vehicle registration.

If you need a new license, you’ll still have to wait in line at the DMV.

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