Stockton Family Shares Heartbreaking Story of Son Who was Killed in Grocery Store Parking Lot

STOCKTON -- A local mother is still in disbelief after her son was killed in a shooting in Stockton.

Isaac "Izzy" Thurman had lived a life surrounded by a loving family and supportive friends. His mother, Trina Brown said he was a "really calm, loving, goofy kid."

"It’s nothing that that kid, that I know for sure, would have did to make somebody feel like, 'Let me gun you down,'" said family friend Arnetta Durham.

Investigators say the 21-year-old was gunned down in a Food 4 Less parking lot Monday evening.

"But this is hard, you know, his life was taken. They shot him," Brown said.

Brown says her son had a hard time making sense of the world around him. She worried about him constantly.

"She'd been trying to help him but I think mental illness is the right word," said family friend Gary Stallworth.

The family also believes he was struggling with grief. In 2016, Thurman's best friend, his brother Isaiah, died of leukemia.

"And I think Isaac dying just kind of sent him over," family friend Natasha Guillory told FOX40.

Brown says she worked tirelessly to get him help but no one from the state, the county or the city had answers.

"Are they saying you’re schizophrenic? And it’s like he’s trying to comprehend what you’re saying and he didn’t really know," Brown said.

Now, she’s trying to make sense of her life without her two boys while sending a strong message about mental wellness.

"He was just loving, you know," she said. "He’s not a monster."

Loved ones say this kind of tragedy that took Thurman is senseless and unwarranted.

If you have any information about the still-unsolved crime please call the Stockton Police Department.

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