Video Shows Out Of Control Jet Ski Slamming Into Boat

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FOLSOM -- A Roseville family is issuing a warning for people heading to the waters for Labor Day weekend after an out of control jet ski slammed into their boat back in late July.

"Once we got in the lake, there were some jet skiers that started jumping wake behind the boat," Leah Prior said.

Video captured on Prior's cell phone show the moment of impact. After, she says a jet ski came uncomfortably close before striking the side of the boat - leaving a hole.

No one on the boat was injured, but Prior says the jet skier didn't have insurance.

California state parks officials say they’re urging people to be safe and follow rules, including wearing a life vest on the water. State statistics show most boating accidents happen during holiday weekends.

"You have to look out for people who are not as smart about being on waterways as maybe you will," Prior said.

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