With SB10 Signed Into Law, Bail Bonds Businesses Could Soon Become Vacant

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SACRAMENTO -- Earlier this week Senate Bill 10, which reforms pre-trial detention and eliminates the bail bonds system in California, was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

The law takes effect in October 2019, and bail bonds businesses in the state could be going bust. Some are pointing out that could create a windfall of coveted vacant office space in Downtown Sacramento, where dozens of those businesses currently exist.

"Right around the jail, there are about 12 storefront bail offices. And with this bill, those offices will be closed down," Topo Padilla, of Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, told FOX40.

Along with his father and son, Padilla has been running his three generation office on I Street for decades. But now, his 13 employees may soon be without a job and no longer in the area.

"I've had one employee who’s sitting right over there, been with us for 29 years," Padilla said.

Sacramento Vice Mayor Steve Hansen, who represents the downtown area, says that while he's sad to see longtime tenants potentially have to leave, he believes the spaces won’t stay vacant for long.

"Around the courthouse, I think you’ll see law firms, coffee shops, other people want to crop up and go into those spaces," Hansen said.

But Padilla is skeptical.

"I don’t think that’s going to happen, there are still many offices that are unoccupied throughout the region right here, it’s not going to help," he said.

Padilla says with the bail industry gone, so too are the dollars his employees spend in local restaurants and other businesses in the area.

"Hey, Sacramento is not the only place. There are bail bonds companies all over this state," Padilla said. "And all over this state will be affected by the shuttering of the doors of the bail bond industry."

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