Package Thief Caught on Camera Brazenly Stealing Package from Placer County Home

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PLACER COUNTY -- A brazen package theft was caught on camera through a Placer County homeowner's surveillance system.

When it comes to keeping his home safe, David Rand, who lives on Frances Avenue just outside of Roseville, counts on a camera by his front door.

"I put that in maybe about a month ago," Rand told FOX40.

On Friday, it captured the image of a thief stealing a package from Rand's front porch.

"I was mad. I was just mad at the gall of the guy to just pull right up in front of the house," Rand said.

Surveillance footage shows a man in a red shirt grabbing the package before walking back down the driveway. He's then seen getting into a Jeep before driving away.

"It’s stunning to me that people would have such little pride in themselves," Rand said.

Rand says there was around $100 worth of Green Chef meals being delivered. However, he says it’s not so much what was in the package but his sense of security that was taken away.

"It comes down to basic human decency," Rand said. "Just be kind to your neighbors."

With his surveillance video circulating Rand is hoping he’s one step closer to finding the man in the video.

"We’re watching you, we’re watching. The information is getting out there," Rand said.

He filed a police report with the Placer County Sheriff's Office. If you know the man in the surveillance footage you’re asked to call police.

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